Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015


Yeah. I konw. We have to be perfect. We need to be lovely. Everyone shall love us. Instagram. Facebook. Blog. Work. Sports. And not to forget about school. Why are we doing this? Why can´t we just accept that nobody´s perfect. We are humans.
Last year I just knew I was doin´right. Okey that´s a lie. But I didn´t have anything to loose. I knew I can do what I want to do and not what I have to do. I had a lot of cozy time, too. But this year... I even don´t know anymore that it´s Christmas in less than two weeks.
Oh, it´s my birthday next week? Im getting 18? Oh yeah right! Too sad that I don´t have time for this. Well, I don´t have time to celebrate with anybody because my head is just full with things I have to think about. Sad.
Work. Everything has to be perfect. The coffee has to come from the right side. Oh yes I know! I should make the customer to buy as much as possible. Oh yes I know! I have to be there everytime. I need to be in good mood anytime. Oh yes I know!
But what I´m thinking right now: All this things I named, are they worth as much as a real smile. I´m tired of this fake smiling everytime. Yes! At work I´m happy. I´m happy when I can make people smile. I smile. For real. But I can´t smile if I don´t make people happy. There is no reason to smile to me.
In school. Where´s the humanity? Yes, I know I did something wrong. I was not perfect. I did something my teacher didn´t like. Am I a bad person now? Or should I ask for a second chance? You can be perfect in like 7 classes. But the other 2 are not perfect. I know. But why is everyone still talking about those 2?
Sports. We have to win. Of course. I now! But why don´t we just play to be happy? Not to win?

Sometimes we need to think about this. To recognize that we can´t be perfect, as much as we try, we´ll never be.