Montag, 20. Juli 2015

Just me. Coming home.

The world was going on. Everything was going on. Everything moved on. It looks strange to me. Coming home is a strange feeling. You don´t really know what you want. You´re going to work. Going to school. Meeting friends. Going to party. Just like before. But it is strange. It looks like everything has changed. But one day, you see that it is just you. You have changed. Things, I wanted so much before. I don´t want them anymore. The first days were motivated. So much things I wanted to do. But now I´m just tired. Really tired. Did that much the last weeks. Worked too much. Wanted too much. I don´t have anything from this now. Am just tired. Not ready for anything. 
Nodody understands. I knew this. But now you can´t tell anyone. You don´t feel like you have to be here anymore. Start counting days until you are finished with school. Star counting hours until you are finished on work. You just don´t like the same anymore. Want to go. Just go. Go to some place, nobody understands you, but you feel safer than "home".

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