Montag, 26. Oktober 2015

one world.

We are just one world. That´s the one and only thing we have to know. Nobody is better than another.
A lot of things to do. A lot of people to help. A lot of hours to work. But never forget:
A lot of places to be. A lot of possibilities to go. And a lot of things to experience.
We are all the same. We have different hair colours. Different skin colours. Different values. Different traditions. Different languages. But never forget:
There´s nothing we can#t learn. There´s nothing we can´t understand if we just want to. There´s nothing we can´t adapt to.
We just need to be human. Just need to be ourselves. And then there´s nothing that can stop us. Just smile to the day.
Smile to the people. People you love. People you hate. People you are jealous to. People you just don´t want to talk about. Smile to them. It´s so much easier than being mad. You´ll be so much happier. And never forget:
If somebody´s bad to you you just have to do it better.
We are one planet. A lot of landscapes. A lot of countries. A lot of languages. A lot of humans. And so many places. Just never forget:
There´s no place you can´t go to if you just want to. There´s nothing you can´t reach if you just fight for it hard enough.
And all of this just because we are ONE WORLD.

Einige Gedanken von einem Abend in einem einsamen Haus an der Ostsee....etwas ungeordnet aber genau das was mir so durch den Kopf ging.

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